Happy November!

It’s a great time to be a doTERRA member!!

Head over and log in to view all the NEW PRODUCTS released at the convention, as well as the limited edition HOLIDAY ITEMS!


Where have you been, Roz?!

I haven’t been updating this site or sending out our regular texts lately because I’ve been taking a much needed life break. I’m extremely excited to be back into a regular routine of sending out updates and info to my doTERRA team! I’ve been using and testing out all the new products, as well as my holiday items, and absolutely LOVE them!

While taking this “life break”, I’ve spent time working on health by getting consistent with my supplements (mainly doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality, PB Assist probiotic and Terrazyme digestive enzymes). I’ve been working on using oils regularly throughout the day. I’ve also been upping my game with skin care and I’m so glad I have my oils and doTERRA’s skin care products to use.

If you need some help, support, ideas or direction with you doTERRA products and account, reply to the team email or text that you received.

Many blessings as we all embark on another holiday season!